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Meet The Artist


David Scherb

I was born in California in 1941 where in the formative years I attended school and graduated from College with a degree in Education. Drawing in pencil, ink, and crayon was a source of personal enjoyment from early childhood. The talent and focus on oil painting actually developed during my military experience on Post at Fort Hood, Texas. At every opportunity I practiced and began learning about the history of oil painting and its evolvement. This effort was temporarily suspended during a stint in Vietnam. Subsequent to my military experience, the concentrated study of the techniques and painterly style of art historically reminiscent of the Dutch and Flemish painters as well as the Hudson River School of artists has driven my creative energies.

From appreciation of these works in oil and through application of my own detailed approach, I have attempted to project a magical interplay of shadow and light that reveals the subtle variety and beauty that nature plays before the eyes and in reality is so often missed. The execution of art provides a means of expressing poetry, not in words, but in color.

Inspiration in this self-taught process has been aided by the study of technical literature and trips abroad and visits to our National Parks. Also, since moving to North Idaho in 1980 and living on Lake Pend Oreille, the expansive beauty has perpetuated my desire to try and rival nature in a two-dimensional medium.

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